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Selected Research

            NOAA/Padilla Bay NERR Graduate Research Fellows

  • Habitat for scoters– Eric Anderson
    Relative roles of eelgrass vs. hard-mixed substrate as habitat for scoters (Melanitta spp.) in Puget Sound.
  • Differences in Food Web Connectivity– Emily Howe
    The importance of food web connectivity is illustrated in this study of the significance of salt marshes to organisms living in adjacent mud flats and eelgrass beds.
  • Environmental controls on Japanese Eelgrass– Michael Hannam
    Inferring Limitation on the Invasive Seagrass Zostera japonica from Environmental Characteristics and LiDAR derived Topography

                Padilla Bay NERR Research Assistantships Recipients

    • Large woody debris in salt marshes– Andrea MacLennan
      An analysis of large woody debris in two Puget Sound salt marshes: Elger Bay, Camano Island and Sullivan Minor, Padilla Bay.